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#Dublin, the city we all like (Cliché Alert !)

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From Dubai to Dublin there are 7 hours in a plane, and a lot of logistics to take care of (I was grabbing any winter staff from my closet for). Yes I didn’t get flu and I have spent 2 amazing weeks in my first European destination ! (Well, Malta and Turkey are not really representative of Europe).

So, I had the chance to visit Dublin as part of my onboarding trainings, and I liked what I saw.  At least I had my GameBoy collection of consoles and games finally !

Here are some facts:

“Dublin is now a truly cosmopolitan capital, with an influx of people, energy and ideas infusing the ever-beguiling, multi-layered city with fresh flavors and kaleidoscopic colors” Lonely Planet

  • Dublin is really small

I am not used to small cities, but I was expecting Dublin to be bigger than what I saw, to host the operations centers for a lot of multinational companies. Literally 2 days hop on-hop off are more than enough to see most of Dublin’s wonders. But to know the bars, you may need a year.

“Even a short stay in Dublin is like walking into literary history, accompanied by music.”

  • Attractive for international young talents

I think this is because it is attracting lots of young talents to work for multinationals. So you see indians, british, arabs, north africans, nordics, ze french .. and of course Irish !

  • A destination for multinationals

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, SalesForce, SAP … Most of the IT Companies base their operations there, for lots of reasons (thank you D. Reagan !)

  • Very unique people putting the work-life balance first

Here are 16 rules to be a good dubliner (cliches alert!)

  1. you cycle to reach your workplace
  2. you run in the mornings / evenings (whenever it is not raining)
  3. you don’t come late in the morning, but you leave early at 4.30 or 5 pm
  4. you are probably sharing an apartment with 3 other people
  5. you probably eat a salad mainly at lunch, because you are 90% veggie
  6. you picnic with friends whenever the sun is out and you have time
  7. You grab a beer almost every night
  8. You love Guinness, but you usually order another brand
  9. You have a good big breakfast everyday
  10. You are lazy on Sundays, but you don’t miss St. Stephen’s on Saturday’s and Friday’s
  11. You make fun of the tourists that drink bottled spring water
  12. You don’t like it, but you cross the road when the light is red
  13. You have changed your job 3 times in the last 5 years (including internally)
  14. You are a welcoming person and you like to talk to new people
  15. You love Dublin, but you hate the taxes
  16. If you are not irish you would wonder why there still signs in Gaelic in every corner, and if you are Irish, you love Gaelic but you don’t use it.
Tourism In Dublin

The Temple Bar !

Looking forward to visiting the loveliest and most raining city in Europe !

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 18,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 7 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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نصائح جاكسون براون للنجاح

  • تزوج الشخص المناسب. هذا القرار لوحده سيحدد 90% من سعادتك أو تعاستك.
  • إشتغل بشيء تحبه و يستحق كل وقتك و براعتك.
  • اعط الأشخاص أكثر مما ينتظرون منك دائما، و افعل ذلك عن قناعة.
  • صر الشخص الأكثر إيجابية و حماسة بين كل من تعرف من الأشخاص.
  • إغفر لنفسك و لغيرك دائما.
  • كن كريما.
  • إمتلك قلبا كبيرا.
  • إصرار، إصرار، إصرار.
  • اضبط نفسك على إدخار الأموال مهما كان راتبك قليلا.
  • عامل كل شخص تقابله بنفس الطريقة التي تريده أن يعاملك بها.
  • إلتزم بالتحسين المستمر لوضعك.
  • إلتزم بالجودة في ما تفعل.
  • تفهم أن السعادة لا تقوم على ما تملك أو على السلطة أو على الهيبة، انما على علاقاتك مع من تحب و تحترم.
  • كن مخلصا.
  • كن صادقا.
  • كن مبادرا.
  • كن حاسما حتى لو أنك ستخطء أحيانا.
  • توقف عن عتاب الآخرين. تحمل مسؤولية كل منطقة في حياتك.
  • كن جريئا و شجاعا. فعندما ستنظر إلى السنوات التي انقضت من عمرك، ستندم على أشياء لم تستطع أن تؤتي فيها أكثر من آتيت.
  • إهتم جيدا بمن تحب.
  • لا تفعل شيئا لا يجعل أمك فخورة.

جاكسون براون الإبن

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