The US, the Hygge trip, and me!

Forget the title of this post for now, and focus on the following lines. I don’t write much, so do not worry: it will not take more than 2 minutes to get bamboozled!

Hygge = A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)

I got an invitation to attend a convention in Vegas, so I didn’t let it go without a vacation. I am a fan of unplanned trips but this one was really planned: I was on a low budget, I knew some cool people traveling too I can share with few things and with which I could spice up things, so we co-planned.

**Some photos below are not mine, for privacy consideration**

I wanted to see nature first, so I visited the Instagram account Beautiful Destinations. for ideas. We shortlisted 4 places: Grand Canyon, Tahoe Lake, Death Valley and Yosemite Park. The cool people were already aligned, and I am comfortable driving long distances.

I can be a poet just by driving in the US with these lovely people !

Grand Canyon: lots of photos to take, just don’t feed the squirrels. 5 hours driving from Vegas.

Grand Canyon.PNG

Death Valley: one photo to take but make sure you have your contingency plans (water, gas tank full…). The place is hot, and in the middle of nowhere.



Yosemite: it was on fire for weeks already, and closed for visits. We changed our plan and we spent the night in Lee Vining & Mono Lake, a good place for hiking and camping. The next morning was just great!


Lake Tahoe: my disappointment as I had high expectations. Probably going to the “South Lake” wasn’t a good idea, because I saw only people and families swimming. But we had fun touring around.

Lake Tahoe


I wanted to add a city stay (other than Vegas), but I got many options. The cool people decided on San Francisco and Los Angeles, and with the coolest of them we decided to head to SF. Some of us are really geek and more into Silicon Valley and Stanford than into Hollywood and Santa Monica !


Probably the only city in the US when it is OK to deal in cash for everything. It is a small , but an open bar (do whatever you like, behind closed doors). After a while, I stopped thinking if anything I was getting into was legal. The only thing I can share in this post is that upgrading to a hotel suite is a good idea for the long nights. Otherwise, Gordon Ramsey’s Hell Kitchen, David Copperfield’s Show, Madame Tussaud’s Museum and other  things you can do here. By the way, the North Outlet Mall has cheap prices, try Tommy Hilfiger!

Probably just watch The Hangover and Ocean’s Eleven to have an idea about Vegas


San Francisco

The first thing I saw in SF was a homeless guy injecting a heroin syringe. The second I saw was 3 men running after a blonde girl in the street. I wasn’t surprised, but it destroyed the mood of the people with me.

Be careful of the cheap hotels, and stay far from Tenderloin and Streets #4, #5, #6, #7 and #8

Lots of things to do, but I liked driving across SF in a GoCar, visiting Alcatraz, the Fisherman Market, the Golden bridge Park, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Oackland (Home of Golden State Warriors! Yoohoo!!).

In the end..

It was “hygge”. With a small budget, and cool people, you are guaranteed to have fan. The US trip for me was 12 days, 3 states, driving more than a 1000 miles, a bag full of gifts and new clothes, and more importantly, I gained new friends.

To see my itinerary on a map click here
My instagram: farkao







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