4 things you need to do a month after graduation

You are graduated? Congratulations! Got your first job in Tunisia? Much better! Now, if you are looking for a job, a scholarship or an immigration to a western country, there is things that you MUST do to be ready in case of an urgent opportunity.

1. Update the status of your National ID and your passport

Now you are an engineer. If you have already found your first job, you have to update your passport to be able to travel (to make an interview or to work for e.g..). To do so, update your national ID (CIN), and here is the process:

  • Have an employment attestation from your company. If you have ”Engineer” as a title on it, you have to subscribe to the OIT (Tunisian Order for Engineers) and to add its attestation to the employer’s. Now, go to the police station of your region and change your national ID (+ old ID + 3 photos+ 3 TND). You should have the new one after one week.
  • With the old passport, the new CIN and 80 TND, apply for the new passport. You should have it after 2 weeks.

You should be aware that we have a very fucked up system that will add your name probably to the list of the Tunisians that they have to do the national/military service. Prepare yourself to apply for a delay.

2. Attest your diploma and a copy of it

If you will apply for a job, scholarship or immigration, you should know that the foreign countries will NOT accept a simple copy of your diploma. It should be attested by its embassy in Tunis, that will NOT do that without the attestation of the Tunisian ministry of foreign affairs, that will NOT attest it without the attestation of the Tunisian ministry of Higher Education. Lost? Me too! Especially when I discovered this 48 hours before the deadline given to me to join my current employer in Dubai. So please just do it, NOW.

  • Go to the Tunisian ministry of Higher Education (Beb Asal) and attest your diploma (+ 3 TND). You should have it attested in the same day.
  • Make a copy of your diploma, attest the copy from the local municipality(0.5 TND) , then from the governorate (free).
  • (optional for now, mandatory if you got an official proposal to quit the country) Go to Tunisian ministry of foreign affairs (Mutuelle Ville). You have the choice to attest the original diploma or its attested copy. Please, do both (5 TND for Arab countries, 10 TND for western countries). You should have the paper attested in the same day.

Now, when you have the agreement of the foreign company/university/country to join it, just go to the embassy and attest the paper you will use for your work permit application (avoid to send the original diploma).

3. Translate your “everything”

Translate to English (or French or German) the transcripts for every year in the university, and your diplomas as well starting the baccalaureate. The translation should go through an official or attested translator.

4. Language Test: IELTS/TOEFL/TEF

If you are applying for a job, a language diploma should boost your application. If you are applying for a scholarship or an immigration, you will need it definitely. So, find a time to sit for language test, and please forget the TOEIC score, no one will ask you for it. Choose between TOEFL and IELTS for the English proof, and go for TEF for Canada immigration.


It is the American test to attest your English. Go to Amideast (belvedere) and book a place to sit for it. It costs 250 TND and you should wait 1-3 month. You can subscribe for the the training (1 month, 400 TND, minimum level is required to enroll)


The same conditions and process as TOEFL, but this one comes within the British Council (Avenue Med V), and there is 2 kind of test to choose between : IELTS Academic (for universities and scholarships) and IELTS General (for immigration). Don’t worry, the only difference is in the writing essay’s subject in the exam. I recommend this test instead of TOEFL because it is a bit easier, and the will do the speaking part with a person not a computer.

  • TEF

This test is to attest your French. You will need it with the English one for immigration to Canada. It costs 120 TND.


That’s all. I have done this, and it worked. All this should definitely boost your career.

Good luck ^^


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