2 minutes of reading to have a great scholarship in the EU

Hi folks,

..please finish reading this before googling..

If you are interested to have a PhD/Master within great european universitites, you can rely on Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program which is sponsored by the European Union.

You will spend 2 years within 2 to 3 universities of your choice studying a speciality in Europe, and you will be awarded up to 48k EUR. Every speciality is available in 3 universities at least, and you will make your choice between these.

What do you need?
– to apply between october and december.
– you can apply for up to 3 programs.
– to be already graduated. so the students may be not allowed for a scholarship in some programs. Engineer diploma gives you access to a master and the master dilpoma gives you access to a master or phd.
– a good and attested english. only IELTS academic (british council) and TOEFL (amideast) scores are accepted. The minimum IELTS score is always 6.5 out of 9. For TOEFL, every master program requires a different minimum score. The attestation’s process takes 2-3 months between waiting an available seat and having your score. So plan from now and have your test before september 2014. It costs 250 TND.
– All your documents have to be translated in english. Diploma, transcripts (bulletins de notes), work attests, internship attests… It will cost you 150 TND approx.
– Good endorsment letters from 2-3 professors of yours (So behave when you talk publicly about your school or its professors)
– Passeport. If it will expire by june 2015, You have to renew your passport before the application, and for that, you may need to renew your national id because of the new profession status. This takes 1 month.

– do not talk with your mates about ”your” Erasmus Mundus. They will accept one candidate per nationality for every program. You may inluence each other to apply for the same program.
– the fresher graduation, the better chance to be accepted. There is a tiny chance for those graduated (engineering, master) before 2011.

– the better studies results, the better chances to be accepted.

– the longer recent experience in the field, the better chance to be accepted. 2 year work experience or just finished 2 years in a master shall boost any application.
– Tunisia is one of the favorite countries for this program (maghreb region, good diploma, arab spring). There is a Master program for Maghrebans.
– to choose, make a list of 6 programs, then keep those who have interesting subjects and to be studied in interesting countries. you have to not exceed 3 programs finally.
– choose a master/phd program you will be able to have your 2nd year in a country where you can work after, like Germany, Belgium, France, England, Sweden… Avoid Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Latvia, etc. for the 2nd year.
– do not lie in your application (the duration of the experience, the skills…), you will be asked for an official attestation for every detail.
– do not apply for masters where you have no experience. this is important for the selection comitee. also, you cannot make your professor endorse you in a field that he doesn’t know.

Feel free for any question, please comment or send me an email farkao@gmail.com
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Good luck.


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