I blog, think big ! (this is not a lesson)

Dear friends,

By writing blog notes, I am only trying to share my true convictions, not to show people that I have some.

I may not have that inspring success story of mine to talk about, but I deeply think that the majority of fresh grads behave like slaves, because they think that a lil bit of technology knowledge can grant them a great life, when it comes to entrepreneurship, the real success is in creating business opportunities and in networking very well is the real success.

I may be wrong in some points and some ideas, but I am totally convinced that we, in my country, don’t know what we really want in this life and the most of us, just few months after graduation, will look for the same poor tunisian dream to realize : a wife, a car and a house (the WCH).

My dears, life is bigger than this loser’s choice, life deserves more from us, it’s about changing things we have to look for. How dare we quit this all life years unseen ?!

Best luck !

Feel free to contact me. I found this interesting course about general finance, just enrol, and let’s study together ! It’s online, open and free !


One comment on “I blog, think big ! (this is not a lesson)

  1. totally agree with you, you can not expect anything from a person who his biggest dream is to be a husband, buy a car and a house.
    Big success starts with “really” big dreams.

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