What happened in the #USEmbassy in #Tunisia

TAGS : US, Embassy, Tunisia, Attack, Salafis
  • Evacuation of the american officers (only) yesterday (what I heard).
  • A lot of cops come with trucks and cars as preventive measures.
  • Most companies near the US Embassy ordered their emplyees to quit the local at 1 pm just before the friday prays. I think they were called by the tunisian Ministry of interior.
  • Salafis came to protest .. at the beginning they were peaceful.. Minutes after, they become violent : throwing stones on cops that were responsding by tear bombs to make them far from US Embassy locals.
  • The number of the salafis was increasing.. They came from other regions like Bizerta and Kram.
  • Evacuation of the tunisian officers.
  • The cops were scattered (weird) and the salafis succeeded to enter the embassy using their ladders (weird).
  • I think the cops didn’t have the permission to enter the US embassy to catch the protestors when 2 of them took down the US flag.
  • Minutes after, a salafi put a jihad flag in the place of the US one.
  • Meanwhile, a lot of emergency cars, tear bombs
  • The cops (had the persmission to) enter the embassy.. Some snipers (americans coming from the interior) appeared on the roofs shoting protestors
  • A little truck transported a killed man.. when I went home I heard that 4 tunisians were killed and about 28 were injured
  • The american school (in front of the embassy) was stolen (computers…) and totally destroyed.
  • Some police trucks were stolen (tear bombs and cartridge)
  • Some confrontations in “Hay Al Salama” and “Aouina” for few hours later.

Shocking video taken near the US Embassy

These photos don’t belong to me


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